Brazing and Soldering Automation

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Our product line is built to help make your parts stronger, cleaner, and faster.

We're the official Australia distributor for Fusion Incorporated, a global leader in Brazing and Soldering technology.

Brazing and Soldering Pastes

We provide a range of alloy pastes to join many different parent metals. These pastes are easy to use, making it an ideal choice over welding when you have untrained operators.

  • Join parent metals such as copper, steel, and tungsten carbide
  • A range of alloy filler metals ensures you can meet any technical requirements for joint strength, working temperature, and finish
  • Excellent for manual repairs of jewellery or automated repeatable processes


Automate or semiautomate repeatable processes.

  • Pneumatic paste applicators and automated robotic workbenches
  • Increase your production
  • Remove the need for manual repetitive tasks
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