Brazing and Soldering Automation sell alloys and solders providing the correct product specification for for all your types of brazing & soldering applications.
Brazing and Soldering Automation (BSA) is a family based company that offers fast reliable and great service.  The company has been established for over 25 years servicing all areas of Australia and New Zealand.
Within our product range we stock a wide range of Solders Brazing Alloys as well as Brazing & Soldering Automatic Dispenser Machines. We also have a precious Metal Solder range for all your jeweller needs.
Please send us an Email containing your Company Name, Contact Details, Phone Number and a detailed description of the Application you are looking for.
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Brazing & Soldering Automation, distribute Fusion-Inc products across Australia and New Zealand. Fusion today is a world leader in Brazing and Soldering Automation and can also supply Automatic Machines.
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