Brazing and Soldering Automation

Pastes, alloys, and equipment suited to your requirements


Our product line is built to help make your parts stronger, cleaner, and faster. We're the official Australia distributor for Fusion Incorporated, a global leading in Brazing and Soldering processes.

soldering/brazing supplies

We provide a range of alloy pastes. We consistently get feedback that our pastes don't 'ball up' like those from our competitors

  • Copper, Silver, and Gold
  • A range of melting temperatures from Extra Easy to Hard
  • Excellent for manual repairs


With our tried and tested robotic systems, we can help you truly bring your business into the information age

  • Pneumatic paste applicators and automated robotic workbenches
  • Increase your production
  • Remove the need for manual repetitive tasks
  • Aftercare from people who care that your business succeeds
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